We offer full service catering!
We've catered thousands of events and parties! 

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We do not charge any setup fees! 

Taxes are NOT included in prices below.  A 4% convenience fee will be collected for all credit card payments. $45-$75 Travel Fee for locations 20 miles from home base 27704

$225 minimum per 2-hour serve window in Durham, NC (Note: weekends, popular dates and further distances may have increased minimums, e-mail us the details to confirm the minimum for your event!)

Free Fixins’ (included with our setup) 

We ALWAYS bring: Ketchup, Assorted Mustards

Choose 2 Free Condiments: ☺ Relish ☺Sauerkraut ☺Hot Sauce

☺Sriracha☺Mayonnaise☺Barbecue Sauce ☺Jalapenos 

☺Banana Peppers ☺Pickles ☺Smiles

Not-So-Free Fixins’ 

☺Chili/Cheese $18 per group of 50 hot dogs

☺Coleslaw☺Onions $8 per group of 50 hot dogs 


Nathan's All Beef Hot Dog $2.50

Oscar Mayer Turkey Dog $2.50

Peanut Butter & Jelly (on a hot dog bun) $2.50

Lightlife Smart Dogs Veggie Dog $4

Hillshire Farms Beef Sausage $4

Assorted Beverages (water, soda, juice) $1

Assorted Chips $1

Additional Snacks: Candy, Honey Buns, Cookies, Cotton Candy (in portable tub) $3

Snow Cones $3

Fruit by the Foot .75

Additional items available by request (just ask!)

We’ve catered THOUSANDS of events over the years at many different locations, including:


Catering Menu

Catering Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a food truck?
  • Nope, we are BETTER than a food truck! Our state-of-the-art carts allow us to serve large and small groups of people quickly and efficiently. Even better is we don't require anything for setup! We can fit in smaller spaces, we can be very quiet (no noisy generators!) and we can get food out faster than any food truck!

Do you need electricity to set up?
  • Nope. We don't need anything to set up! Our cart uses propane. The only reason we may need electricity is if you want us to serve snow cones.
What can I expect when you are catering my event?
Ryan will arrive around 30 minutes before the start time of your event/party to set up.  He will set up a 4 foot table next to the cart with condiments and place chips/drinks in your desired location. He will cook the dogs on the cart and wrap them in foil for easy transport.  If you ordered chili/cheese, he will put that on the dogs of the people that request it. The other condiments are self-serve. 

Can you set up inside a building?
  • We cannot set up the actual cart inside since it runs on propane, but we can cook the dogs outside and set up the condiment table inside and bring the dogs in!  We can also set up chaffing dishes inside. Too hot? Raining? Too cold? No problem, we will weather the elements and your guests can stay inside, we'll bring the dogs in to them!
Do you charge any set-up fees? Do you have a minimum?
  • We do not charge any set up fees for catering or a la cart events within 20 miles from our commissary which is in zip code 27704 (contact us if your location is further). Our minimum starts at $225 (per 2-hour serve window) and varies dependent on location, date or event type, but please don't let that stop you from hiring us! If your budget is smaller than that, give us a call to discuss!  
Do you do drop-off orders?
  • Yes!  Let us know what you would like dropped off, we'll create an invoice and you can pay online. Let us know what time the drop off should occur and we'll drop off our delicious hot dogs to your location! We also have warmers that keep the dogs warm for extended periods of time, this works well for office parties or luncheons. 
What kind of hot dogs do you use?
  • We use only the best all-beef Nathan's brand hot dogs!  We also serve Oscar Mayer Turkey Dogs, Smart Ones Veggie Dogs and Hillshire Farms All Beef Smoked Sausage. Upon request we can also serve Johnsonville Brats. 
Do you use any pork products or hot dogs?
  • No, we do not use any pork-based products and our hot dogs do not contain pork.
Where is your Commissary (commercial kitchen)?
  • We own and operate Esser's Commissary, which also serves as our commissary. All mobile food vendors need a Health Department approved space to store and prepare their food. ALWAYS ask a food truck, cart or mobile food vendor where they commissary out of! If they don't have a commissary, don't hire them!
What year did you start Dang Good Dogs?
  • We started Dang Good Dogs in June 2011 and we're still going strong!
How much space do you need to set up?
  • We need about as much space as one parking spot to set up. We can absolutely accommodate smaller spaces (minimum 5 feet by 5 feet), but a parking space is typically what works best for our setup. 
What's the largest event you have catered?
  • Our largest event we've catered so far is 3000 hot dogs! 
How many people can you serve in a 1-hour window?
  • We've served over 400 hot dogs in a 1-hour window using just one cart, and 1000 hot dogs in one hour with 2 carts!  Typical events and catering are usually serving about 150-200 people per hour.  If you need to serve more than 400 people per hour, let us know as we can bring additional carts! 

What’s your setup preference?

Our normal setup is outside.  If you would like a different setup option, please let us know. 


Our cart takes up about 6 foot x 6 foot spaces (so about a parking spot).   We have a 4-foot table that we set up next to the cart for condiments. Chips and drinks (if applicable) are located near the cart.  We use an umbrella for weather that is cooperating and a pop-up tent for weather that is not cooperating.  Depending on the location we may unhook or not unhook from our vehicle. We run off propane, so this setup cannot be inside.  This setup is our typical setup and we can maneuver into spaces where a car would be able to fit.



We need a table and electricity for inside setup.   We set up a warmer to serve from (but our hot dog cart would still need to be  on premise outside to cook the hot dogs, notice the tent outside the window in the picutre).  If it is not possible for us to cook the hot dogs outside on premise, then we would cook the hot dogs at our commercial kitchen and bring the hot dogs in a warmer. This option is reserved for situations where there is inclement weather OR a hot dog cart running on propane will not work in the set up location.












We can use your grill to grill our hot dogs (grill must be clean and sanitary). This option reserved for situations where our cart can not fit in small spaces near where you would like us to serve. 

We like to reserve this setup as a “last resort” option.  The setup below was from a pool party in a courtyard where our cart would not fit, so we used a clean/sanitized grill located near the pool and setup a table with the condiments and snow cone machine.